Kilbryde Hospice in your Will

Leaving a gift in your willsigning_last_will

For most of us, making a will is an important way of making sure the people we care about are looked after when we are gone.

Once you have made arrangements for your loved ones in your will, why not think about leaving a gift to Kilbryde Hospice?

A gift in your will does not have to be a large amount, any gift you decide to leave will make a significant impact in the day to day running of Kilbryde Hospice.

Some people choose to leave us a share of their estate; others choose to leave us a residue of their estate, after their family and friends have been provided for. As a registered charity, leaving a legacy to Kilbryde Hospice is also tax free and may reduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate.

If you do not currently have a Will in place, Kilbryde Hospice have partnered with McClure Solicitors and Austin Lafferty Solicitors to provide a free Will making service to all Kilbryde Hospice staff, volunteers, patients and supporters. Please click here for more information.