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Day Services at Kilbryde Hospice

We have Day Services running at Kilbryde Hospice 5 days a week. Day Services provides intensive tailored support for patients with identified palliative care needs for an agreed period of time.

Patients who are appropriate for referral to our care (see Kilbryde Hospice referral criteria) and who are willing to attend Day Services may be referred using the Kilbryde Hospice Referral Form. Referrals will be triaged by our multi-disciplinary team and all patients will be invited for an assessment interview by one of our staff nurses.

Our Day Services offers a calm and therapeutic environment to help patients live with their diagnosis and to cope with the ongoing management their condition. Our aim is to promote independence, improve coping skills and self-confidence when patients may be feeling vulnerable because they could be

• Experiencing anxiety and stress related to their illness
• Attempting to adjust to a new situation
• Living with cancer or another life limiting illness
• Living with uncertainty

All patients will have an introductory assessment using IPOS and will focus on their concerns at the time of referral. Following discussion we will help to prioritise their needs and can refer to other team members at Kilbryde Hospice.  Depending on their symptoms or concerns there are options for patients to choose from. Monday and Friday patients can choose to attend whatever session they wish. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are full Day Services from 1000-1500.

To promote independence we encourage patients to provide their own transport to Day Services. We are well served by local public transport and MyBus. If this is impractical then we can provide limited volunteer transport which is wheelchair accessible.

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