Making a Referral

Referral Criteria

Referral of patients to Specialist Palliative Care (SPC) at Kilbryde Hospice

  • Patients being referred should be aware of their diagnosis or the life-limiting nature of their condition. They should live in the South Lanarkshire area.
  • Must be 18 years and over and have a progressive or life-limiting condition
  • Been fully assessed by GP, specialist nurse, community nurse  or ICST team
  • Have complex needs which are best resolved by the specific skills of a multidisciplinary specialist palliative care team

Their needs must be

  • Physical, psychological, social or spiritual
  • Related to the patient, carer or family centred
  • May be intermittent or continuous


  • The patient must agree to the referral
  • If at home the GP must agree to the referral
  • If in hospital the referral should be made after approval by the consultant in charge

If patients meet this criteria

  • They will be reviewed regularly to ensure they receive extra care based on their needs
  • This criteria will serve both as entry and exit criteria to SPC services e.g. as a result of therapeutic intervention, patient’s condition may stabilise and may not be in a state of progressive disease therefore may be discharged

Categories of conditions suitable for referral to SPC

  • The patient has active progressive advanced disease, a limited prognosis and the focus of care is on quality of life e.g. potentially fatal conditions where treatment has changed from curative to palliative or complex symptom control issues during treatment which has a curative intent but may fail e.g. cancer, complex co-morbidities
  • Treatment available to prolong life but uncertain prognosis e.g. organ failure, advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, advanced heart failure, cystic fibrosis
  • Palliative treatment from the outset with no cure available e.g. motor neurone disease, multi-system atrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Huntingdon’s disease etc.
  • Patient has unresolved complex needs that cannot be fully met by the caring team. These needs may be physical, psychological, social or spiritual e.g. difficult family situations or ethical issues regarding treatment decisions

Categories adapted from National Council for Palliative Care (2012)

Referral routes

  • Referrals will be processed via a completed referral form from GPs, specialist nurses, Macmillan team and community nurses (with consent from GP)
  • On receipt referrals will be triaged by a multidisciplinary team daily Monday to Friday for Day Services
  • Referrals should be faxed to 01355 279616 along with medical summaries and recent clinic letters.
  • We have no facility to accept email referrals at present.

Discharge Criteria

  • Specialist involvement no longer required
  • STAS/IPOS scores at an acceptable level for 6 weeks
  • Symptoms adequately managed
  • Patient moves out of catchment area

Referral for carers

  • If a referral is required for the carer of a patient with a life limiting condition then a separate Kilbryde Hospice referral form is required
  • Please complete and fax as above
  • Form should be completed ensuring consent for referral and accompanying documentation  is provided