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Care Opinion is a website you can share your experiences of Kilbryde Hospice. Good or Bad we want to hear from you!

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Brian McInnes 18.04.2018

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S) 15 years ago, and worked through it as a support worker and carer until February 2017 when it became too much for me.
I lived alone so the following 2/4 months were difficult and I became despondent as I couldn’t do much and there was not much to do.
It was then I was referred to TRAC (Therapy & Rehabilitation for Adults in the Community) and doors started to appear and open. From there I was referred to a strength and balance classes, then to Kilbryde Hospice.
The staff and volunteers are wonderful and I was offered various therapy treatments like Reiki, Tai Chi, and a Hydro Therapy Bath which I feel helps with this pain/numbness in my legs, which don’t feel so tight for a few days after.
This along with the help I got to get a blue badge, bus pass, new shower and financial advice has made a huge positive difference to me and I know through friends I have met and hope to keep, others’ lives, which is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Good Luck !"

Mary. S. April 2018

Beneficial, Helpful, Sociable

"I have learned to manage fatigue and pain."
"I have learned to take on board advice and to accept help without feeling guilty."
"I have learned how to relax, Tai Chi & Chi Gung."
"I have have learned to step back and let others help."

Social Group

"encourages you to go out"
"gives carers a wee bit of respite"
"I enjoyed the chat, social interaction sharing each others experiences and learn from them"
" made new friends"

Be Positive
Be Grateful
Be Helpful
Be Happy
Be Kind

From Paul, son of Care @ Home patient

"The support provided by Kilbryde Hospice greatly augmented that of the local authorities. Kilbryde Hospice support was friendly, personal and above all, very effective. My mother’s specific needs were met by her Hospice Care. She was assisted fully in achieving a peaceful end to her life ... which I presume would be the objective of any good palliative care organisation. My family and I are very grateful for the excellent care my mother received from Kilbryde Hospice in her final time. My mother too was very appreciative of the care and companionship she received in her final time. That was (and remains) of great comfort to me."

Anonymous Care@Home patient (befriending service)

You recently started having a befriender from Kilbryde Hospice, can you tell me what benefits having a befriender has brought to you.

Yes it is tremendous to have somebody who doesn’t know you at all. To show such tremendous interest and kindness in wanting to speak to a complete stranger. I was amazed, it was a lovely thing to do. I appreciate it very much.

What does it mean? Do you look forward to having the befriender? What does it mean to you?

Often you are hours and hours on your own and it is quite something to have somebody come and visit you when you didn’t expect it most especially. It is really lovely. I couldn’t quite believe it at first.

Couldn’t believe that there was something that could be offered to you?

Well after all at my age, I am in my 90’s now. It is not something you do every day, go and see somebody who is 90 years old.

That is great. Good.

It was nice to think somebody was interested enough, kind enough to talk to me.

Would you recommend it to anybody else who is in the same position as you?

I certainly would, yes absolutely. Mine is a very nice person and interesting to talk to as well. Really nice.

Thank you very much I appreciate your comments.

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