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Art Therapy at Kilbryde

¬†“Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!” – Joseph B. Wirthlin¬†

Over the last couple of weeks our Day Services have been looking at the different activities that can be offered to our patients which are inclusive and vary from the usual day to day activities that we currently offer. We recently started working with Art Therapist, Janey, who has shown not only the patients but also the staff the difference that art therapy can make allowing patients to express themselves and discover or re-ignite their creative juices.

Last Thursday Janey suggested creating Emotion/Mood Boards which would allow them to use a variety of media such as photos, materials, letters, jewels and paint. The idea of the boards were to allow patients to express their thoughts and feelings or to remember a significant time in their lives such as their favourite holiday or favourite family pet. All of the memories and pictures used had to be positive in nature and allowed patients to reflect on happy memories.

One of our patients, Maureen told us a bit about her emotion board “It reminded me of being on holiday and how I would love to go on a cruise – maybe if I leave it lying around my Husband will get the hint and buy me a cruise for my birthday!”