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Brian Haughey – Long Season Walk 11

Firstly, can I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe 2021. I, like you all, hope this year is very different to 2020. I would also like to thank everyone who has taken the time to support or sponsor me up to this point, I am so grateful to have all of you backing me.

The walk on Saturday the 9th of January was not only the first walk of 2021 but also kicked off the second half of my season long challenge, made up of 20 walks, 19 league games and all being well one final walk to Cathkin Braes Golf Club for the return of the Andy Cameron Golf Classic.

For the walk, I was joined by Nicole McKeown and the conditions proved to be the hardest so far. In the few days leading up to walk temperatures had dropped as low as minus 9 degrees and the snow that fell had threatened to delay walk 11. Thankfully, Nicole was still keen to join me despite the tricky conditions, so we set off later than usual hoping that this would see the pavements thaw out. Sadly, this didn’t happen as you will see from the pictures. The conditions certainly had an impact along the way but thankfully none of us suffered the embarrassment of falling whilst taking part.

It had been a while since I had seen Nicole and we had plenty to discuss and catch up on during our journey, and even although it took us over 2 hours and 30 minutes the time flew in. One of the many topics we discussed was Nicole’s upcoming wedding this year to my cousin Andy. I would like to wish them years of future happiness together when the big day does come around.

Finally, I’d like to thank Nicole for joining me on such a testing day and for all her fundraising efforts too. I am walking again on Saturday the 16th of January and once again I will be joined by the Hospices very own Gordon McHugh.

Stay Safe


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