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ENGIE make our garden furniture look beautiful!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the team at EGIE who volunteered their time to paint our garden furniture for us, in order to help it to last longer and to survive our Scottish winter.


On Friday 2nd December, ENGIE sent a team of volunteers to paint our benches, planters, trellises and gates which will allow our patients and their families to enjoy our garden as it grows with the hospice. Our garden is in its infancy and in the future we see it as a place where people can grow psychologically and horticulturally, which is why we are so grateful for the support provided to maintain it. The volunteering day was arranged by Regional Director, Willie Campbell, and we asked him to tell us a little bit about their day:

“As part of our Corporate Responsibility ENGIE ‘Our Future’, ‘a shared responsibility’, I initially made contact with Margaret Mary to discuss how my team and I could possibly support. This resulted in the painting project we embarked on in early December. This is purely on a volunteer basis where the staff are encouraged to donate skills and time to support a community project and or event. I then authorise special leave to attend and support. How we engage with local communities and charities is extremely important to both my business and ENGIE.

The team that supported covered all areas of our business, we had Projects team, Technical team, Office Admin, National Cleaning team, Property Manager, Facilities Manager, Regional Managers, Human Resources and the Regional Director.

The team were extremely grateful for the opportunity to support and to be honest quite emotional when asked if we would like to contribute a message to the ‘wish tree’. I think this really brought home what your charity is all about and the fantastic work you all do every single day.”


We can’t wait for our patients to be able to use our beautiful garden and to have the benefit of our newly painted furniture! Thank you so much once again to Willie and the staff at ENGIE.