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Freescale donate iPad to help Hospice Service Users

A local East Kilbride company have made a generous donation to the clinical staff at Kilbryde Hospice by donating a brand new iPad Air.

The East Kilbride based company, Freescale, donated the iPad in order to help the hospice support drop in service users to help assist a range of activities at the hospice. The use of the iPad will enable users to access online digital artwork for arts and crafts classes, those with limited dexterity in their hands would also be able to download a range of apps such as painting tools and virtual keyboards and games which can improve hand eye co-ordination. The iPad will also help staff to sign post service users to valuable health information online in a quick and convenient way.

Chloe Martin, Community and Event Fundraiser said “We cannot thank Freescale enough for their generous donation which will help our clinical team over a range of service activities and sign post service users to online services to ensure that all of our patients can access the correct health, social and practical information online.”

Freescale Ipad

Pictured with our Chairman Dennis Gallagher, our CEO Gordon McHugh and Complementary Therapist Janice Allan are Val Cadden, Jan MacTaggart and Claire McCormick from Freescale EK.