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Golden Wedding Celebration: a Chaplain’s Perspective

Our Chaplain, Catherine, recently joined two of our patients in celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary. We asked her to tell us a little bit about it…

Golden Wedding

“As chaplain of Kilbryde Hospice I recently had the privilege of officiating at the celebration of two of our patients when they celebrated their Golden Wedding.

John was in Hairmyres Hospital at the time, so the family dinner which was planned had to be cancelled, but Cathy and John wanted to mark the day with something special.

We had a chat here at Day Services the week before, and it was agreed they would like a blessing on their marriage, so I agreed to arrange for a Priest to officiate for them. Once the family discussed this, they asked me to conduct a blessing for them, as both Cathy and John had a relationship with me from the Kilbryde Hospice.

In cooperation with NHS Lanarkshire staff we used the Sanctuary at Hairmyres Hospital. We had a lovely hour or so, when John was brought down by his sons in a wheelchair, and Cathy was waiting for him.

We had a short service of celebration, and blessing, and many photographs and videos were taken for keepsakes.

John and Cathy were indebted to the Kilbryde Hospice for all the care and attention given to them both, and for their ‘perfect day’ celebrating with family their 50 years of marriage.

As the Kilbryde Hospice Chaplain I was delighted to be able to officiate and share such a special day with them all.

Cathy and John asked family not to buy them gifts, as they didn’t need anything, but many of them have made a monetary gift to the hospice in their name, which has delighted them both and their family.”