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Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief


The week beginning 18/5/15 at Kilbryde Hospice we are working with our partners from NHS Lanarkshire and Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care on encouraging patients, relatives, carer’s staff and volunteers to plan for their future.

We will have an information stand with a representative from NHS Anticipatory Care Plan Team at Kilbryde Hospice on Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May from 1.30pm-3.30pm at with details on how this can be completed. This is good practice and if you know your wishes for your end of life then please ask to have one of these completed. This can be done by your GP, specialist nurse or by Kilbryde hospice if you are under care.

Most people don’t make plans for the kind of health care they would want, as they approach the end of life, meaning that they are less likely to have the kind of death they would choose.

At Kilbryde Hospice we recognise that at times people are unprepared for the experiences of death and dying which has an effect on those who are bereaved. Many people are so removed from death that they are unprepared for their own death or the death of a loved one.

In a practical sense people don’t often think about the financial and legal implications of their illness or death for their loved ones. Quite often people don’t make straightforward legal preparations to minimise distress for their families when they are gone. One of the ways in which we would encourage everyone to let their wishes be known is by making a will.

Emotionally, many people are less prepared than they could be for the impact of the death of a loved one and for the needs of grieving friends and family.

Kilbryde Hospice will be encouraging all staff, volunteers’ patients and carers to think about the phrase “before I die I want to ……………..”.

Any answers we receive we will add to a global art project as part of Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief however it’s also a good idea just to mention it to your family.

If you need any more information with relation to planning for your future then please drop in to Kilbryde Hospice if you would like more information or alternatively you can email us at


Kilbryde Hospice contact number 01355-202020