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Isobel’s Kilbryde Hospice Journey

We love to hear stories from our service users, and to let our supporters really gain insight into where their support goes. Isobel Glasgow has very kindly shared with us her journey with Kilbryde Hospice.

“If I were asked what Kilbryde Hospice meant to me, I would say it is necessary for my wellbeing and that is now when I am recovered.

However at 69, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and they were there for me through my chemotherapy and radiation therapy giving me hope, support and kindness.

I was introduced to Janice’s soothing therapies and relaxation techniques and to Lesley’s Tai Chi and am a member of her classes still.

Four years later, I was diagnosed having ulcerated colitis which was followed by depression, which lasted a year. At Drop-In they never tired of me, which I found truly amazing, but listened to me, guided me and supported me and were fundamental in getting me through to daylight. Kilbryde encouraged me to get up and do the right things.

I am now singing in Anna’s Community Choir. I love it, I really love it! I’m not wonderful, but she does lead you and you do improve. The choir has helped my health plus my asthma.


Thank you Kilbryde staff and volunteers – words do not express.”