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Jane’s Story

Losing a parent is hard but losing a parent during a pandemic is particularly hard. In fact. losing both parents during a pandemic quite simply leaves you struggling to catch your breath. But for myself and my two sisters, this was our reality. We lost our dad in September 2020 to a rare neurological condition called Corticolbasal degeneration. Then tragically, we said good bye to our mum 15 months later after a sudden and unexpected fight with cancer.

This journey of grief and loss has been incredibly hard, especially as we had to navigate the ever-changing Covid-19 rules and regulations. But during those darkest days with both our parents, there was a light – the Kilbryde Hospice. It is no exaggeration to say that we wouldn’t have got those heart-breaking times without the incredible nurses and staff who cared for mum and dad in their final days.


I could never understood when people said that hospices were happy places but after spending so much time at Kilbryde, I can say it’s definitely the case. The staff were so lovely and friendly and our parents were both looked after with exemplary care – there was nothing we could fault. All the staff showed such kindness and compassion and we have no words to express how grateful we are for this. Their holistic and personalised approach to care was outstanding and the attention they showed to every detail was incredible; they even knew mum’s favourite scents from the time she and dad spent at the Hospice Day Care and were able to bring along a diffuser which filled her room with the most beautiful smells. They even looked after myself and my sisters, making sure we were well fed and had somewhere to sleep on the nights we couldn’t leave mum.


Each staff member went ‘above and beyond’ and it’s true to say that Kilbryde Hospice will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for everything you did for our parents. We are forever grateful.

-Jane Macintyre

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