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Kilbryde Hospice – Care @ Home Service

Care @ Home is a service provided by Kilbryde Hospice offering additional support to people in South Lanarkshire with a life limiting illness. This service allows them to remain cared for at home whilst working with other existing palliative care support services. We provide emotional and psychological support to help improve quality of life by providing specialist nurse support, complementary therapies and befriending. The nurse offers one to one support sessions and is a connection between the community and Kilbryde Hospice or other services. Complementary therapies can help promote feelings of well-being, relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress. Befrienders provide the opportunity for people to express themselves in a safe, comfortable environment. We enable people to gain a sense of control and confidence at a very difficult time in their lives.

People are more at ease when you meet them in their own environment and this can allow the Care @ Home team to get an idea of the bigger picture and how the situation is affecting the whole family. This enables us to provide a system of support and therapies that best suit the individual’s needs.

Some quotes from patients in our care

  • “Therapist left us feeling relaxed, cheered up and with a different view point which was much appreciated, a thoroughly enjoyable experience” – Care @ Home Client
  •  “Ray of light at a very difficult and dark time” – Care @ Home Client
  • “Nurse provided support and reassurance after I had difficult conversation with husband”  –  Care @ Home Client

If you or a member of your family are suffering from a life –limiting illness (e.g. cancer, advanced COPD, advanced heart failure, end stage neurological diseases) and you think you or your carer might benefit then ask your specialist nurse/GP to refer to us using our new referral forms available from the hospice on 01355 202020 or by email at