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Kilbryde Hospice Poem!

One of our very own patients, Sadie Cairns, has wrote a wonderful poem about her time at Kilbryde Hospice and her experience and participation in our well being programme on a Friday.

We love being able to share the stories of our patients and their positive experiences here at Kilbryde Hospice!

Thank you Sadie for taking the time to write this lovely poem, and for sharing it with us.

We sat as a group sharing our feelings of living with various life threatening ailments

What a profound experience to hear how they cope

One or two who have given up hope

But then as they listened as others’ stories unfolded

A sense of relief, they were not alone

All who were present had travelled this road

No one needs to travel on their own

Sharing the burden was great and quite liberating

The atmosphere changed, the fear was no longer debilitating

As sharing one’s story had released lots of tension

The Hospice had achieved it’s intention