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Kilbryde Hospice Lucky 500 Club

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Would you like to be in with a chance of winning the top prize in the Kilbryde Hospice Lucky 500 Club draw?  By joining the Kilbryde Hospice Lottery you have the chance of winning our top prize of £250 every month with £100 for second and three £50 prizes.  £5per month may not seem a lot, but this means a whole lot of essential care for our patients.

Playing the Hospice Lottery make a real difference to people’s lives, enabling us to continue giving expert care and support to patients and their families.

The ‘Lucky 500 Club’ is part of a range of fundraising activities offered by Kilbryde Hospice, allowing us to raise funds for the charity while also offering participants the opportunity to win something back with one of our monthly prizes.

How it Works

Sign up for the ‘Lucky 500 Club’ and you will be allocated 5 unique numbers, giving you 5 chances to win each month! The numbers are unique to you so there is never any chance of having to split a prize. You can purchase as many groups of 5 numbers as you wish, each lot costing £5 per month. Each month, 5 winning numbers are randomly picked using a random number computer programme, and the winning numbers will be highlighted in the local press, with the winners also being automatically contacted with their prize.

Are there any club rules?

Not many, but like everything we have a few!

• The minimum age for membership is 16.

• There is no upper limit to the number of members in the ‘Lucky 500 Club’.

• Anyone associated with the running of the ‘Lucky 500 Club’, including staff and directors of Kilbryde Hospice, will be excluded from membership.

• Membership of the ‘Lucky 500 Club’ starts at £5 per month for a minimum allocation of 5 numbers in the monthly draw.

• The monthly draw will take place on, or as soon as practical to, the 1st of each month.

Where does the money go?

All monies raised from the ‘Lucky 500 Club’, once the 5 cash prizes have been awarded, goes directly towards Kilbryde Hospice.  Our aim is to improve the lives of people who have a life-limiting progressive illness.

Kilbryde Hospice places a high value on dignity, respect, and the wishes of the person who is ill, and aims to look after all their needs.  We aim to provide an environment for holistic care to enhance quality of life including the relief of pain and distress, whether physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual or social. 

If you would like to join the Lucky 500 club you can contact the Hospice on 01355 202020 or email