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Kilbryde Hospice Welcomes New Staff Member

The beginning of 2015 has been an exciting time for the hospice, with our Drop-In Centre and Day Services now operating from the new building. All of our staff are now based at the hospice and enjoying the experience of working alongside each other. The move to the hospice has also meant that we have began to expand with us welcoming new members to the Kilbryde team. Linda Craig is our newly appointed Information Development Resource Officer who currently works at our Drop-In service, here Linda tells us a bit about what she does at Kilbryde.

Linda Craig photo2

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself Linda Craig; I have a new post at Kilbryde Hospice.

2015 began really well for me as the newly appointed Information Development Resource Officer, at the Drop In service. At this early stage I can say, I am delighted to be a part of the team at Kilbryde.

This is a very exciting time to join the service, as they moved from the Red Deer Centre in East Kilbride; to open the new state of the art purpose built premises in the grounds of Hairmyres Hospital.

My post is part of a new programme, to take the service forward into the future. To provide the people of South Lanarkshire with a service, which will include the following for patients and their families, a Drop In service, Day Care service, Kilbryde Care at Home and an In Patient Palliative Care service which will open to patients in the later part of 2015.

Most importantly this service all begins, when the patient enters Kilbryde. Either as someone who has been using the service since it began in the Red Deer Centre or a Patient who is entering Kilbryde to visit for the first time.

On arriving, myself or one of the many well trained volunteers, are there to greet them on arrival. We aim to make patients and their family feel at ease, with a warm welcome, a cup of tea or coffee and a listening ear. This enables us to identify their reason for the visit and to have an understanding of their health concerns.

Our aim is to enable them to be at ease in the new environment. We will then move on to introduce them, with their permission, to the nursing staff, who will arrange an appointment to look at an assessment of their health needs, and take forward a bespoke service to support their health and wellbeing. The nursing staff can then arrange a block booking for eight weeks of classes and or therapy’s to suit their needs.

This post, involves working directly with patients and carers, the nursing staff, therapists, clinicians and volunteers at Kilbryde. To support and inform patients, their family members or friends, caring for them to be aware of their own health and wellbeing and to help the patient to continue living at home independently in their community.

At the Drop In we are working towards developing a service, which will include working in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire Acute & Community Service, and GP’s Practices across South Lanarkshire to raise awareness for patients and carers and to encourage both patients and their family members to visit and use the service provided by Kilbryde Day Care Hospice on a regular basis.

Another of our aims is to work with patients and identified carers and inform them of other services that can help, I can make referrals, when required on their behalf with their consent to the appropriate partners which would include, Social Work Resources, Welfare Rights Officer, Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre and other agencies to enable carers to continue in their caring role. Part of the service at the Drop In will include working in partnership with the NHS Carer Support Team, Carer Coordinator’s in the acute sites in Lanarkshire.

This is just a flavour of this new role of Information Development Resource Officer, which will be both challenging and rewarding; in terms of duties it changes on a daily basis, this is what also makes it so exciting and fulfilling.

There is no greater job satisfaction than recently seeing a couple visiting for the first time, who were understandably very anxious and emotional.

Having spent time with us, they returned again a few days later to attend some classes looking more relaxed and secure in the knowledge, that we are all here to help them on their journey and to support them both while they are living with the diagnoses.

One last thought to have the opportunity to work at Kilbryde, supporting patients, their family and carers is the main reason why I was delighted to accept this post.