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Love is all around Kilbryde Hospice!

Our volunteers and patients were busy in the kitchen last week in Day Services in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Our patients have been getting into the spirit of things with a Valentines-themed baking session. Patients, nurses and volunteers alike donned their aprons and wielded wooden spoons; I think it’s safe to say it was a successful session, they look delicious!

Mary Berry eat your heart out!

patients helping baking

cupcake boxActivities like these are brilliant for our patients as it gives them a chance to give something back to their loved ones or carers.

Here we hear from John who came in this week:

“It was nice to make something for my wife for a change. I enjoyed doing it”


Last week our patients also helped to make delicious home-made soup for lunch; it really was a foodie week! These relaxed sessions provide our patients and visitors with a chance to chat to those going through similar things, this promotes social interaction and improves patient confidence. Cooking and baking has also been proven to improve manual dexterity in patients, so has both physical and mental benefits, not to mention the tasty end result!

As seen from last week’s activities, patients and volunteers have had a ball! I wonder what they’ll be up to next week…I’m hoping for more cupcakes!