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We accept referrals from Hospital teams. GP’s and Community Nurses for patients with life limiting conditions and following an outpatient nurse assessment they may be offered a place on our 12 week Day Service Programme. This programme embraces the Empowerment and Enablement model of patient centred care. This is where we focus on increasing confidence and finding ways to adapt everyday activities to make them achievable and promote a degree of independence. We focus on patients’ individual goals, symptoms, anxieties, carers and concerns and develop each session of the 12 week programme to address these topics. Activities ranging from gentle movement, relaxation, mindfulness, complementary therapies, reminiscing/mind stimulation, music therapy and individual symptom management.

We may not be able to add days to patient’s life, but our aim is to add life to their days and very quickly dispel the myth that the hospice is always a sad place.

We are a team comprising of 2 Registered Nurses, 2 Clinical Support Workers, 2 Complementary Therapist, Music Therapist, Chaplain and a group of motivated and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them their tireless enthusiasm, life experience and positivity.

Feedback from patients include:

“Meeting new people and doing things I thought that I would never have been able to do”.

“We appeared on our first morning and meet as anxious strangers and by lunchtime we have become friends with both staff, volunteers, and each other”.

“There is such a lovely atmosphere where we feel safe to express laughter and tears almost in the same sentence”.


How to make an out-patient referral for CLAN (Compassionate Lanarkshire) Day Services or Carer Support

  1. Call our triage line on 01355 202020 Option 3 (Clinical Admin) and ask to make referral.
  2. Download a referral form here and email to


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01355 202020

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