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Referral of patients to Specialist Palliative Care at Kilbryde Hospice

Patients being referred should be aware of their diagnosis or the life-limiting nature of their condition. They should live in the South Lanarkshire area.

  • Must be 18 years and over and have a progressive or life-limiting condition
  • Been fully assessed by GP, specialist nurse, community nurse or ICST team
  • Have complex needs which are best resolved by the specific skills of a multidisciplinary specialist palliative care team

Anyone with one or more life-limiting conditions can be referred to Kilbryde Hospice if they have;

  • Uncontrolled pain or other symptoms
  • Complex end of life needs
  • Complex physical, psychological, spiritual or family needs that cannot be met by staff in the care setting.

(Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines, 2015)

Please complete Kilbryde Hospice In-Patient referral form which you can download here

Referral criteria to Kilbryde Hospice – view here

Coming to Kilbryde Hospice as an in-patient –view here

Advice regarding this is available during office hours from the Clinical Admin on 01355 272172. Completed referral forms should be submitted whenever possible by secure email (eg.,, etc) to the designated Hospice referral email address:

Fax and postal referrals should be avoided to ensure that referrals are reviewed as quickly as possible and patient sensitive information is shared in accordance with Caldicott guidelines. However if essential, a completed Kilbryde Hospice referral form should be faxed from a secure line to the hospice medical fax number 01355 279616 and receipt of this checked during office hours on 01355 272172.

Postal referrals must be marked private and confidential for the attention of a designated clinician.

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