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Music Therapy

We are surrounded by music. You might have already experienced music today – perhaps you’ve heard a song on the radio, watched a performance on TV, or simply had a good sing in the shower! We’re all familiar with the profound effect music can have on us. It has the power to access our deepest emotions and memories, re-energise us and soothe the soul.

Music therapy is an established psychological clinical intervention which is delivered by qualified music therapists to help people of all ages whose lives have been affected by illness or injury through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. It can help in many clinical situations, particularly where communication is difficult due to illness, injury or disability.

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Sunflower Service

The Sunflower Service at Kilbryde Hospice is a support service for children and young people who have experienced grief, loss and bereavement following a life-limiting illness of an adult close to them.

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Spiritual Care

The Chaplains and Spiritual Care Volunteers are here to support patients, carers and families, as well as staff and volunteers.
In these unprecedented times we find ourselves in, many of us are asking deep and meaningful questions, and the Spiritual Care Team are here to support you explore these uncharted waters.
We have a Sanctuary, which everyone is free to use. Some folks like to spend time there to pray but for others it’s an oasis of calm at a difficult time in their life.
For those wishing to receive Holy Communion or a Sacrament of their own faith community, we will be happy to make these arrangements for you.
We are a non-judgemental, supportive listening service for everyone, and are available to all on request.
If you would like more information about spiritual care at Kilbryde please call 01355 202020 or email

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