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Patient complete the Kilbryde 10 Part Challenge

Kilbryde Hospice patients, staff and volunteers participated in the ‘Ten Part Challenge’ last Wednesday and Thursday in our Day service facility. The challenge was put together by Lesley our Exercise Instructor. The Challenges were adapted to suit all of our patients varied needs and abilities. The challenges where a combination of physical and mental wellbeing but also proved fun!

Some of our patients decided to raise sponsorship for taking part in the challenge. Brian, one of our patients, said it was great to be able to raise sponsorship money for the hospice. One of our volunteers Rose added “It was great to see everyone laughing and participating. I went home with a smile on my face.”

The 10 challenges the patients where:
1. Ball Pass
2. Chair or Wall Press Ups
3. Chair lifts (plank) or Tricep ‘kick backs’
4.Bicep curls with hand weights
5.Step out/in squats or for wheelchair users bum clenches
6.Shirt lifts overhead
7. Leg Kicks (30 sec each leg) or soft punches (30 sec each arm)
8. 1 minute backward alphabet
9. Windmill blows
10. Spoon hanging