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Patients take part in a creative writing class

A small group of our patients recently participated in a led creative writing session during our Thursday morning class. This session took place in day services as part of our 12-week programme, and the aim of the activity was to encourage expression, boost confidence, enhance creativeness and give our patients a sense of achievement.

All of our patients found it to be very theraputic to write down how they were feeling and express their emotions – something that they may not be able to do at home.

We asked our patients how they felt about the session and one said “I found it helpful to write it down as I don’t want to burden my family, but my shoulders feel lighter.”. Another said “I found it hard to express myself, as my mind wasn’t what it once was.”.

The main benefit to our patients was that they were able to relieve any stress or build up emotions by writing them down.

What beautiful pieces they came up with!

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