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Ready, Steady, Cook!

Some of our patients and staff recently took part in the very first Kilbryde Hospice ‘Ready Steady Cook’ challenge!


Patients Sadie Cairns, Jeanette McLelland, Linda Kyle, Allan Hall and Patricia Frame all took part in the challenge along with some members of our Care Team. As part of our wellbeing course, patients have been encouraged to talk about healthy eating and were asked to create their own healthy menu, encompassing “taking an active role in my own healthcare” and “maintaining lifestyle changes, like eating right or exercising”. Little did they know, the following week, we invited them to prepare and cook their menus as part of the challenge!

The challenge was a new concept which rounded off our 8-week wellbeing course. Patients have been encouraged to take a more active role in their healthcare and lifestyle choices, and have benefitted from increased confidence, social skills, independence and manual dexterity. Activities were adapted to suit individual patient needs and all of our patients experienced a real sense of achievement! Describing their experiences, Jeanette said “It was really nice to all muck in and we work well together as a team!” and Allan added “My son won’t believe I made that!”

At the end of our 8-week wellbeing course, we encouraged our patients to take away the values that “I know how to prevent problems with my health”, “I’m confident I can figure out solutions when new health problems arise” and “I am confident I can maintain lifestyle changes, like eating right or exercising, even in times of stress”.


Pictured (top) are our patients with their fantastic meals, which they were entirely responsible for preparing and cooking. We think both meals looked delicious – our Clinical Services Manager, Margaret Mary Cowan was even lucky enough to take on the job of judging the meals (above)!