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Student Paramedic Testimonial

Alexandria Wardlaw, UWS Student Paramedic gave the following testimonial;
“I have just completed 3 weeks at Kilbryde Hospice as part of my training as a student paramedic at UWS and it has been a very different experience to what I had expected. There are many negative preconceptions of what type of place a hospice is and Kilbryde goes against all of them. I spent time in all areas of the building, from the in-patient unit working along medical staff, to day services outpatient unit where I worked alongside therapists and other members of staff. From the moment I stepped in I was assured it was a place of positivity, rehabilitation and happiness and they weren’t wrong.
I attended multi-disciplinary meetings with staff from all areas of the building who went over each patient in detail, ensuring they were getting help in areas possible, physically, mentally and spiritually. What struck me most was all staff, particularly in the IPU consistently centred their care around the patient and “what is important to you”. This meant that all patients were never hastened or pushed to do anything faster (or at all), that they didn’t feel ready or comfortable to do. They were always encouraged to do their best; continue to do things they had always enjoyed such as gardening or music and praised for doing so! Every single member of staff was kind, patient and compassionate to everyone and I couldn’t fault a single one.
Day services carried out a range of different activities from lunches, games, music, and relaxation, all catered to improving mood and physical movement. They also included chats about topics that some may find difficult to talk about, giving the patients a safe space to ask any questions they might not have been able to ask anyone else. Many of the patients I spoke to describe their time with happy tears in their eyes. They left with more friends, more confidence in themselves, and more tools to continue their journey. The difference these members of staff make to patients’ lives in only a few short weeks is nothing less than amazing.
I have learned so much from my placement here and will take these lessons with me throughout my career as a paramedic. For any patient or family member of someone looking at Kilbryde Hospice, you can be assured from someone who previously had many of the preconceptions you may have right now, that you or your loved one will be in the best, most compassionate group of hands and Kilbryde Hospice is a place of encouragement, kindness and above all else, positivity and happiness.”

2 responses to “Student Paramedic Testimonial

  1. Thank you Alexandria from everyone in the hospice…
    What a wonderful, & positive feedback from you, we take pride as a team in our person ce
    ntred approach & everything else you mentioned, good luck in your future endeavours & thank you again from the bottom of our hearts…Linda McGowan csw in IPU

  2. Thank you Alex for taking the time to share your feedback detailing your experiences with the various departments ,staff and volunteers within the hospice. You participated well within the Day Services setting taking time to speak to all members of the multi-disciplinary team .Your gentle enthusiasm, empathy and respect demonstrated whilst interacting with the patients will enhance your communication skills in many of the challenges and difficult conversations throughout your career.
    Thanks again for your lovely feedback and positivity. Best wishes for the rest of your training and your future career.

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