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These are a few of our favourite foods!

Last Friday our patients who attend our social programme were asked to bring along their favourite foods.  This session took place in day services as part of our social programme. The aim of the activity was to rebuild confidence and encourage social interaction surrounding their peer and feel safe and comfortable.

Patients were recently asked how often they went out to eat and the response wasn’t great. One patient said, “I feel awkward eating out as my Parkinson’s makes me shake too much and I feel bad making a mess, whereas here I feel included”.  Many patients don’t enjoy going out due to their symptoms, medication and being unable to eat the same size portions they used to.

“I have a reduced appetite now and feel embarrassed asking for a child’s portion. This idea means there is no pressure and I can actually enjoy my meal.”

Bringing in your favourite food is a new concept for Kilbryde Hospice; previously patients made a meal for themselves.

This activity seems to have gone down really well and patients came out feeling uplifted and more confident!

Here are some quotes from the activity,

“sure beats sandwiches”

“it was nice to have fizzy juice pretending it was wine”.

“It was very relaxing”

“Good Discussions”


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