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Volunteer In Patient Unit Assistant

Kilbryde Hospice successfully opened its doors to our very first In Patient in August 2018 and we now operate a 12 bed palliative care unit with a fantastic team of clinical staff.

Volunteers have always played an important role in the development of the Hospice services and in the future we hope to have a team of volunteers within the IPU supporting the current employed staff with a range of activities in order to add value to the time spent here by patients and their families.

In November 2018, 2 volunteers were given the opportunity to become part of a ‘pilot’ project to trial the role of a volunteer within the IPU. The process of embedding this role into the clinical environment still requires some work, which means we will be delaying the induction of any additional volunteers into this role until further notice. Over the next few months, we will be pulling together a ‘Volunteer IPU Assistant Induction Training Programme’ with the two current volunteers, which will include essential training that each volunteer will need to attend prior to being placed in the IPU.

We are aware that many volunteers have long awaited this role and we understand that this further delay may cause frustration, but it is critical that we recruit and appropriately train individuals before placing them within the IPU. This is to ensure that staff and volunteers are aware of and working to appropriate policies and procedures.

The Volunteer Development Officer and Clinical Lead Nurse will communicate with all volunteers when this vacancy becomes available again.

Senior Management Team

2 responses to “Volunteer In Patient Unit Assistant

  1. Dear Sir or Madam

    I am very interested in volunteering possibly in the inpatient unit.

    To give you an idea of my background – I am a nurse/midwife – have worked in oncolgy, retired last year following a diverse career generally in nursing.
    My mother and sister died of cancer my brother survived. I nursed my best friend last year before she died and went into a hospice in Dorset where I became very aware of the care given in a hospice environments.
    I would like to be able to support all involved in the care of cancer.

  2. I had expressed an interest in the in patient volunteer unit as I worked in a GP surgery for 27 years and worked with patients who had been given the worst news for them that they had cancer. This was not in a clinical aspect but more of a support and friendly face way to answer any questions they or family had about agencies who support this condition. As I had lost my mum and dad to this within 4 weeks of one another the support I received has encouraged me to wish to show support to patients, family and friends. I feel that a smiling face helps it does not take away the painful experience for these people but to offer support in a non clinical way is important too. I have a good clerical background having been an office manager for 27 years. I feel it is excellent that the unit is ensuring that the posts are not filled until the time is right and appropriate training is in place.

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