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Our decisions to bring volunteers back are based upon the Scottish Government route map and associated guidance and unfortunately this means that there are a lot of you who will not be able to return at this time.

I have detailed our current situation below in regards to each area. I hope this helps you understand our plans for each department. I am sorry we can’t be more specific about return dates at this time, however we are placing our patients, families, staff and volunteers at the centre of our risk assessment process. I do hope you can all understand.

Admin Roles (Finance, HR, etc)

Volunteer administrators can return to their roles if support is required by the department lead. This is also dependent on office space availability and this is very limited at the moment due to capacity restrictions placed on each office by our Health & Safety advisors. This means that in an office that would normally fit 7 for example, can now only accommodate 4. If your department lead is looking for support, they will be in touch.


Befrienders are not able to visit homes right now, however there is an option for some of you to befriend via Zoom. Sine or Jane will be in touch should there be anyone requiring this support.

Spiritual Care

We continue to deliver spiritual care support to patients and family members either via Zoom or IPU.

Complementary Therapy

At this time, we are unable to bring back our Complementary Therapy volunteers. Unfortunately we do not have a set date for this however Janice will be in touch when we can begin this process.

Day Services

Our Day Service provision is being delivered via Zoom right now and will be delivered in this manner for the foreseeable future. At this point, we do not require additional volunteer support however we will be in touch if this changes.


Facilities support is being delivered by staff members only. If we require additional support, we will be in touch however we are keeping footfall to a minimum.

Fundraising – Can Team

We are welcoming back our Can Team volunteers this week. We have 4 volunteer vacancies in this team so please get in touch if you’re interested in this role either on a temporary basis until your role becomes available again, or as a more permanent change.

IPU Assistant

We are being guided by the Scottish Government route map and we anticipate bringing back Volunteer IPU Assistants when we have reached the end of Phase 4. Unfortunately, at this time, we remain in Phase 3. We will be in touch when we can progress this.

IPU Receptionist

We are beginning to bring back volunteers to help support our IPU reception areas with a particular focus on covering visiting times and weekends. I will be in touch with Volunteers who have a role in this area to discuss shifts and availability.

Main Reception

At this time due to limited footfall we do not require additional volunteer support. We will be in touch should this change.


Our Kilbryde Kafe remains closed indefinitely.

Patient Transport

Owing to Day Services via Zoom we do not have any patient transport provision at the moment and do not envisage this will change over the next few months. We will be in touch should this change.


Our retail outlets are functioning within Government guidelines. Volunteers can return subject to individual risk assessment on underlying health conditions.

Please note: All volunteers returning at this time MUST complete a COVID Risk Assessment and Declaration prior to restarting. Any identified risk will be discussed with you to identify whether it is safe for you to return.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. I hope this update helps however if you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 01355 202020 or email


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