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Volunteer Week – Day Services Volunteers

Our day services offer support to patients and carers who can benefit from a range of activities from complementary therapies, physiotherapy, music therapy, a range of specially adapted exercise classes, arts and crafts, counselling, financial and benefits advice, stress management and bereavement counselling. Our volunteers give their time through a range of activities in Day Services. They can often be the first person to greet anyone accessing services from offering a warm welcome and a cup of tea to helping to provide our activities and sessions we offer where they are supported by other volunteers and staff.

Volunteer Driver – John Rae

John is our lead volunteer driver who picks up any patients that require our service to bring them to their appointments, he also helps us to train up any new volunteer drivers. Not only does John give his time as a driver but he often helps out in many other areas of the hospice including as a handy man and placing and collection cans for the Fundraising team. He really is such a diverse volunteer and someone who never says no.

      “I get great satisfaction in my role as a volunteer as I like to help people anyway I can.” John rae

Maureen Fitzpatrick

In the 10 years Maureen has been involved with the Hospice she has taken on many volunteering roles, assisting with patients in our Drop In service, collecting and dropping off patients from their homes to attend group sessions at the hospice, delivering and collecting collection cans throughout the local area.  Maureen is also a very able fundraiser who has accumulated an ever growing team of volunteer knitters who with Maureen’s co-ordination produce a fabulous amount of beautiful baby knitwear which Maureen sells on her weekly stall at Hairmyres Hospital, (every Tuesday from 10am until 4pm) at the last count, since July 2012 Maureen and her knitters have raised a humungous £22,341.33.

“The reason I volunteer is that I get a lot out of it, and I like what I do. It makes me get up in the morning, and gives me a purpose in life. I like helping other people less fortunate than myself.”maureen