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Volunteer Week – Drop-in Volunteers

Our Drop-in volunteers are often the first point of contact for anyone coming in to use the service. They offer a warm welcome, a cup of tea, a listening ear and chat in an informal setting, regardless if the patient has an appointment. At the Kilbryde Hospice we aim to support patients and importantly carers and families through this period too.

Kara and Sandi volunteer together on a Friday at our Drop-in Service which runs from a Monday to Friday (10am until 4pm):


cara and sandi


Kara (Left) – “I chose to volunteer at Kilbryde Hospice in order to build my confidence and gain good experience working within a health care environment. As I am due to start my adult nursing degree in September, this experience has helped improve my ability to empathise with patients over the difficulties of daily life. This opportunity has allowed me to realise the significance of social contact in preventing isolation and loneliness. Overall, I am enjoying my experience with the hospice and find it extremely rewarding.”


Sandi (right)  – “I feel that since volunteering with Kilbryde that my confidence has grown and I have a lot more independence. I love meeting with all the patients who come to Drop-in on the days that I give my time. It’s also great to meet with other volunteers. My Mum also attends the Day service so I often sit with the volunteers and patients whilst I wait helping with the crafts which is something I love doing. It’s been great to make friends and I always remember the names of patients when helping to sign people in and the dates and times they usually come along – because of this I’ve been nicknamed the ‘Walking Computer’”.

Jane shares her volunteering story:

jane currie

“I previously worked as a Carer and I was looking for a volunteering opportunity. Someone suggested Kilbryde Hospice and initially I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was a hospice. However it’s nothing like you would expect, the atmosphere is cheerful and very positive. The patients come in for a chat and it has been brilliant listening to all their stories. It’s great to be part of the hospice especially as it’s something which is in within our community offering support to not only the patients but to carer’s, families and friends too!”