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Volunteer Week – Fundraising Volunteers

Kilbryde Hospice services are free to the individuals, their families and carers who need our support. We currently receive some NHS funding towards our day hospice services, but mainly rely on the generous support of the local public who help us bring in the funds required to keep our vital services running. We have fantastic Fundraising volunteers who give their time, during the week, evenings and at weekends, to help us raise awareness and funds for the hospice. Whether it’s coming along to give a couple hours of their time at a bag pack in a local supermarket, standing out in all weather for a bucket collection, placing cans in local businesses, helping to promote our events, attending our events, maintaining our numerous social media accounts, going along to give a talk and represent Kilbryde and creating fundraising newsletters to keep everyone up-to-date. The list is endless and we really appreciate the time, energy and enthusiasm they give! Today we will tell share with you two of our fundraising volunteers stories.


“For years I watched in admiration as funds were raised for Kilbryde Hospice, and it was finally built. For years too, I was involved with door step fundraising for Lanark Cancer Care. When the hospice opened and I met some of the wonderful people who worked there, I knew it was a place I wanted to be involved with. I am now a volunteer in the fundraising department and enjoy the challenges of working with a superb team.”

margaret mcdonaldIan

“Having visited Hospices in the past, and witnessed the care, comfort, fun and laughter which the wonderful staff provided on a daily basis, I had no hesitation in offering my services as a volunteer to Kilbryde Hospice.Without the vital help and support of volunteers, which covers many and varied types of assistance, the job of the full time staff would be made much more difficult, so please offer your time and talent, in whatever way you feel comfortable, and make a difference to someone’s life”

Ian Thomson