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Volunteers Week at Kilbryde Hospice (1st – 7th June)

It’s #volunteersweek and at Kilbryde Hospice we have had amazing volunteers throughout the years! We simply wouldn’t be able to reach as many people or offer the support and care we do without the fantastic volunteers who dedicate their time to helping Kilbryde Hospice. Each day this week our volunteers from all the different areas within the hospice will share their volunteering story. Today Lillian and Jana, two of our shop volunteers will share their experience volunteering with Kilbryde.

Lillian is one of our volunteers within the Kilbryde Hospice shop:Lillian “I applied to Volunteer with Kilbryde Hospice to help build my confidence after a Mental Health Illness. Since starting in September 2014 I have rebuilt my confidence and can communicate more with other people. I volunteer a few hours 5 days a week and thoroughly enjoy my time in the shop. I have learned various aspects and skills of retail and can carry out duties with precision and confidence. I have met loads of new friends in my role as a volunteer. It is rewarding at the end of my day to know that I have contributed to raising funds for South Lanarkshire’s Hospice.”

Jana previously volunteered her time in the Kilbryde Hospice retail shop and recently began working for Kilbryde as our Assistant Retail Manager. She tells us a bit about her experience:


“I had been thinking of volunteering for a while before I actually applied. I needed some time to decide what type of charity/volunteering I would like to do. I am a big animal lover but also part of my personality is to help people in their difficult times. So I thought the Hospice was possibly the best place. I went to the charity shop very much interested in volunteering in actual Hospice, then I had a meeting with Sue (the volunteer co-ordinator) and she had explain that the volunteering roles in the  Hospice at that point were limited due to enormous interest,  but the shops were low on volunteers. So I said ok, I will help where it is most needed. The training went well, everybody was nice and welcoming. I was working on full time basis but I still managed to volunteer 8 hours a week at the charity shop. People think being a volunteer is working for free, but that’s not actually true. You feel great about yourself because you do something for a good cause, you helping the community, helping individual people from a distance and there isn’t a lot that can make you feel that way. As a volunteer you get free tea and coffee but the some of the most important benefits are fun, laughter and friendship. I love it, every day is unique and special. I consider myself a lucky one, as I had the privilege to apply for a paid position within the Hospice Retail team that became available during my volunteering which was the Assistant Retail Manager position and after my interview I was offered this job with the Kilbryde Hospice Charity. I am very grateful that I have this chance to be part of a fantastic team of hardworking people. It’s amazing how life can change, but I would like to say it’s definitely amazing how volunteering can change your life.”