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West Highland Way – Day 2

They survived day 2 – read about how the second day went for our walkers!

“Day two and an early rise after a noisy night. Heavy rain battering off the tents didn’t quite drown out the snoring of one or two of the group. It was at least a comfort to know somebody was getting a sleep. So we’re off to Beinglas Farm! Father Frank admits to the team that he thinks this is probably going to be the most challenging of the 5. How right was he. We enjoyed the walk to Rowardennan however we took the low road and had to limbo and vault some trees left grounded by the aftermath of the storm.
Quick bite of lunch at Rowerdennan hotel then off to Inversnaid which follows the banks of Loch Lomond which im sure could be quite fun when dry. Negotiating its rocky path however after last night’s rain fall it was rather treacherous.

The afternoon did seem to stretch on a bit and towards the end we needed to find individual comfortable walking speeds.

Beinglas Farm was a wonderful sight as we picked up some speed heading into town with 4 burgers in mind and of course a belly buster one for some.”

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