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West Highland Way – Day 5

We are on the last leg of this adventure however we may have had a rougher night if it wasnt for Paddy and the staff sorting us out with a caravan at Blackwater campsite. Thank you Paddy.

The climb out of Kinlockleven was rather steep for a morning start and I have to say that after a heavy night of rain the morning we had was the coldest by far. We were glad when it started to brighten up as the morning turned to beaming sunshine however it was certainly changeable with heavy rain and at one point we had to use waterproof trousers which was a first for this trip.

After the initial climb the 14 miles to Fort William was a less stressful walk from the others we have encountered this week however there was number of stairs to negotiate which were pretty tricky.

We found it strange walking into Fort William as there were no brass bands playing or indeed bunting out to welcome us however we had succeeded our challenge on behalf of the hospice and the Celtic Foundation so we shook hands and patted each other on the back. Well done team.

We were however welcomed into the Nevis Centre by Danny who gave us access to showers changing facilities and something to eat. This was sponsored by The Fort William Celtic Supporters Club and we are very grateful for their support.

Well fed and watered and team AMS the baggage courier waiting at the door. Ryan picked up our bags loaded them onto the people carrier and safely transported us freely to our Glasgow destination. Another great and welcome sponsorship towards both charities with our Stevie giving Ryan a present of a Celtic Foundation t-shirt signed by Stillian Petrov and a few other legends from last week’s game.

We have so many people to thank including each and everyone of you who have sponsored us however I will touch base with you all tomorrow.

Thank you for caring.

You can sponsor the team HERE

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