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CEO & Board Of Directors

image of Dennis Gallagher

Dennis Gallagher

image of Gordon McHugh

Gordon McHugh

Chief Executive Officer & Vice Chairman
image of Dr John Richards

Dr John Richards

image of Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

image of Adam Ingram

Adam Ingram

image of Christine Sherry

Christine Sherry

image of Fiona McKee

Fiona McKee

image of Gretta McGuinness

Gretta McGuinness

image of Dr Hosney Yosef

Dr Hosney Yosef

image of Councillor Joe Lowe

Councillor Joe Lowe

image of Mike Graham

Mike Graham

image of Lady Susan Haughey CBE

Lady Susan Haughey CBE


Care Team

image of Margaret Mary Cowan

Margaret Mary Cowan

Clinical Services Manager
image of Lynsay Bain

Lynsay Bain

Clinical Lead Nurse
image of Ann-Majella McFadden

Ann-Majella McFadden

Deputy Clinical Lead Nurse
image of Rosie Graham

Rosie Graham

Deputy Clinical Lead Nurse
image of Charlene MacLellan

Charlene MacLellan

Registered Nurse
image of Karen Kilpatrick

Karen Kilpatrick

Registered Nurse
image of Angela Foster

Angela Foster

Nursing Assistant
image of Lizanne Reilly

Lizanne Reilly

Nursing Assistant
image of Stephen Corbett

Stephen Corbett

Nursing Assistant
image of Janice Allan

Janice Allan

Complementary Therapies Co-ordinator
image of Sine MacDonald

Sine MacDonald

Care @ Home Specialist Nurse
image of Louise Gray

Louise Gray

Care @ Home Complementary Therapist
image of Tracey Howarth

Tracey Howarth

Clinical Administrator
image of Kay McDade

Kay McDade

Clinical Administrator
image of Robin Miller

Robin Miller

Admin Lead (Crosscare)
image of Anna Ludwig

Anna Ludwig

Music Therapist
image of Catherine Crosbie

Catherine Crosbie


Fundraising & Communications Team

image of Lesley Wiggins

Lesley Wiggins

Fundraising & Commercial Manager
image of Karlyn Robertson

Karlyn Robertson

Assistant Fundraising Manager
image of Jim McLean

Jim McLean

Trusts & Campaigns Fundraiser
image of Carrie Robertson

Carrie Robertson

Fundraising Assistant
image of Claire Crawford

Claire Crawford

Fundraising Assistant
image of Kirsty Hernon

Kirsty Hernon

Fundraising Assistant
image of Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

Fundraising Assistant
image of Lesley McBride

Lesley McBride

Media & Communications Officer

Admin & Facilities Team

image of John Doyle

John Doyle

Corporate Services Manager
image of Emma Craig

Emma Craig

image of Melanie Sharp

Melanie Sharp

image of Leonore Green

Leonore Green

image of Brian Johnston

Brian Johnston

Facilities & Transport Assistant

Volunteer Team

image of Lauren McKechnie

Lauren McKechnie

Volunteer Development Officer

Catering Team

image of Freya Murdoch

Freya Murdoch

Apprentice Cook

Retail Team

image of Leanne Henderson

Leanne Henderson

Retail Manager
image of Maureen McMullan

Maureen McMullan

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Hilda Roussis

Hilda Roussis

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Agnes Barwood

Agnes Barwood

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Megan Marshall

Megan Marshall

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Lorraine Martin

Lorraine Martin

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Graeme Anderson

Graeme Anderson

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Alex Barlow

Alex Barlow

Assistant Retail Manager
image of Justin Clark

Justin Clark

Retail Driver
image of Conor Bell

Conor Bell

Retail Driver
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