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CLAN (Compassionate Lanarkshire) Befriending Service

You recently started having a befriender from Kilbryde Hospice; can you tell us what benefit you have from befriending ?

It is tremendous to have somebody who doesn’t know you at all to show such tremendous interest and kindness in wanting to speak to a complete stranger. I was amazed, it was a lovely thing to do. I appreciate it very much.

What does it mean to be befriended? 

Often you are hours and hours on your own and it is quite something to have somebody come and visit you when you didn’t expect it most especially. It is really lovely. I couldn’t quite believe it at first.

Couldn’t believe that there was something that could be offered to you?

Well after all at my age, I am in my 90’s now. It is not something you do every day, go and see somebody who is 90 years old. It was nice to think somebody was interested enough, kind enough to talk to me.

Would you recommend it to anybody else who is in the same position as you?

I certainly would, yes absolutely. My befriender is a very nice person who listens and interesting to talk as well. 

Posted by "paprikabd95" (as a relative)

“This was my first time in Kilbryde Hospice, visiting my mum and the service has been great. The staff are lovely and very attentive. My mum is enjoying her time here and has been very well looked after. You are all doing a great job and are really making a huge difference in hard times”

Posted by "Lorr" (as a relative)

My partner spent the last 8 weeks of his 6 year painful battle with bowel cancer in the Kilbryde Hospice. All the staff made a very hard journey that bit more dignified, with all the care he was given. We had laughs, tears and some very needed kind words . I honestly don’t think as a family we could have given my partner a better end of life journey x Thank you to you all. 

Posted by "Gran2" (as a service user)

 “I was very reluctant to attend at first due to low self esteem and various health problems but was persuaded by Kirsten and Sheena (who visited me at home) and am so pleased I did 😄 as all the staff and volunteers were absolutely brilliant!

(The lunch was great too so compliments to the chefs also).

I had a wonderful experience and would recommend it to anyone who is apprehensive – you won’t regret it. I missed a couple of sessions due to illness and was very sad when it finished, like leaving friends behind which is what the staff and volunteers had become.

It is so hard to believe they are self funded – they are worth their weight in gold and silver. I feel very privileged.”

Posted by "Joni2" (as a service user)

Our GP told us to contact CLAN (Compassionate Lanarkshire) who were linked to our local Kilbryde Hospice and an assessment was carried out in early June. They were a lifeline to us as we felt so alone and abandoned especially during Covid and all the difficulties with accessing GP services. The team at CLAN proved to be so supportive for us and the clinical admin staff set up regular videocalls, complementary therapist sessions (online), relaxation CD’s and arranged for an assessment from an Occupational Therapist re mobility aids along with a referral to District Nurses who helped with daily personal care later on in his illness. I was so grateful for their assistance as my husband never received any care package at home from Social Work, despite having had an assessment done, due we were told to the issue with staff shortages. As well as the Anticipatory Care Plan, we were given leaflets on stress, coping with anxiety, sleep problems, coping with dying etc. We were also advised to think about a DNACPR form to keep at home. My husband signed it as he decided that it wouldn’t be in his best interest to be resuscitated if his heart stopped. He also started to go to the Hospice Day Services Unit which he enjoyed but only managed 2 visits as it became too much for him and it was difficult for me to get him there. Kilbryde Hospice offered me a place on a 6-week Carers online programme (once a week) which I found very helpful, one of the topics being end of life care. 

Posted by "ashleighm14" (as a relative)

“The reception staff were such kind and caring people who always took an interest in your day/things going on in your life each day we visited.  When entering the IPU, the nurses, doctors, cleaners and clinical staff would all be so friendly.  Every single one of them knew my Dad very well and were very aware of all of his needs, etc.  They had so much patience with him and did everything they could possibly do to make his stay enjoyable.  We would often arrive at the IPU to find them laughing and joking with my Dad.  He loved it!  The spiritual care volunteers and the chaplains would also visit my dad and offer support throughout his stay.  They were all so friendly and really took an interest in him.”

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