Anticipatory Care Plan

29 May, 2018

Anticipatory Care Plan

It almost seems obvious that caring for a dying relative is a difficult and stressful time for a family, perhaps one of lives most difficult challenges. There are a lot of emotions involved, both apparent and suppressed.  For the family, there is always a worry, or nagging doubt that what you think is the correct course of action, may not be in the interests of the patient.  Conversations around dying and death for most, are not regular or even straightforward conversations to have.  In many ways, we do our best to avoid those conversations entirely.  Should you have those conversations with the dying person?  Should we focus on the fact they are dying?  It is not easy to know what to do when thrust into that situation with no training or relevant experience.

Feedback from a Care@Home patients son and how the family benefited from his mother completing an Anticipatory Care Plan.

For that reason, I saw a tremendous benefit in having an anticipatory care plan.  Documentation of my mothers wishes removed a huge degree of complication from our role in the situation.  It allowed us to focus more on making my mothers final time with us more positive and peaceful.  We were able to focus on her needs in compliance with her wishes whilst removing the nagging doubt that accompanies making such huge decisions that have the potential to massively impact an others life.  The fact that it was documented, meant that we were not relying on our own understanding of the situation or of memories of conversations that other family members may not have been party to.  My mothers wishes were there, written factually in black and white with no ambiguity. 

In tough times, simplicity is very generously received. 

If you would like more information on ACP please contact the hospice on 01355 202020 or

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