Could you use your skills to set up a new local fundraising committee?

16 September, 2019

Could you help Kilbryde Hospice raise vital funds for people living with life limiting illnesses by using your skills to set up a new local fundraising committee?

Do you have the gift of the gab? Or ideas coming out of your ears? Why not put those skills to good use!

Strathaven, started their committee in November 2016 and have been fundraising for Kilbryde Hospice raising over £2000!

Michelle Moffat, member of Strathaven Fundraising Committee said, “We started the Committee in November 2016 and as I said we already had a Committee

established for another charity, so it was an easy transition to just change the aim of our fundraising. We didn’t however start any fundraising until December 2017 as we

had to set up a new bank account and experienced delays with this for various reasons. Our first event was a stall at Strathaven Reindeer Day and also held a can collection.

These were relatively easy to organise as I have good links in the community so we got a stall free of charge because it’s for charity and I used the Strathaven

Facebook page to ask for donations of wine for our stall and also to arrange collectors for the can collection.

People are usually keen to help if it’s only for an hour or 2 and doesn’t involve too much effort.

We are a very relaxed Committee so we don’t have regular scheduled meetings, I usually set up a meeting at my house whenever I want to organise an event and

it’s up to the Committee members if they want to attend and help out. So far, we’ve held 2 quizzes which have been again easy to organise due to good links in the community

which we take advantage of when we can. Unless we have something planned then not much time is taken up and we try to organise at least 2 events every year now.

As Chairperson I generally make most of the decisions but don’t do anything without the agreement of most of the Committee members, at times I rely on the Secretary to

contact people on my behalf. We are very sociable and once a year have a get together that isn’t about fundraising. I would recommend to anyone of all ages to join a

Committee if they can, I’ve met lots of different people over the years and it makes me feel very much a part of something worthwhile.

People in Strathaven now associate me with the Hospice so I now feel like I represent the Hospice and try to promote it whenever I can.

We have been warmly welcomed by the Hospice, we were given a tour before it opened which was wonderful and we feel truly appreciated for all we do.

Any fundraising that takes place big or small is recognised fully by the Hospice.

The most rewarding part for me is knowing the money we raise is being put into the Hospice to provide vital services to those in need.”

We want to make Kilbryde Hospice the best know local charity in South Lanarkshire, and this is why we are looking for inspirational volunteers to head up and lead a

new fundraising committee in each locality – you’ll be making a big difference to Kilbryde Hospice and to our patients with life limiting illnesses.

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