Hospice pledges to help even more in their time of need

22 November, 2023

Scotland’s newest hospice has set out ambitious plans to help even more people at their time of greatest need.

Kilbryde Hospice has been providing services to people across South Lanarkshire – a population of 360,000 – since 2008.

In-patient care has been delivered since 2018, and the hospice has now revealed a three-year strategic plan to do even more. Among other improvements, this will:

  • Broaden the way excellent care is provided, including better use of technology to provide digital access to services
  • Boost recruitment of staff, including closer work with school leavers and further education colleges; and
  • Work even closer with partners and communities to optimise the quality and range of services provided

Chief Executive Officer Gordon McHugh said: “The Strategic Plan will support Kilbryde Hospice to deliver its vision of providing the best of life, at the end of life, for everyone. It sets out our ambitious plans and captures our passion for reaching more people and doing what we can to help those who need us.”

Mr McHugh noted the many problems being faced by the entire sector, having successfully navigated Covid and now having to tackle the effects of rising costs and wider economic and demographic challenges. Those challenges also impact on the fundraising Kilbryde Hospice depends on.

He said: “Kilbryde Hospice needs to be prepared for an uncertain and ever-changing future. “The needs of patients, families, and our local community is changing all the time and we acknowledge that we need to change too.

“Our Strategic Plan sets out our ambitious plans and captures our passion for reaching more people and doing what we can to help those who need us. We know that what we do makes a difference and looking forward we want to make a bigger difference, for more people.”

The three localities the hospice serves in South Lanarkshire have specific challenges, including deprivation levels in parts of Rutherglen and Cambuslang, and a particularly ageing population in East Kilbride.

There are specific wider challenges too, with evidence suggesting that people are being diagnosed at a later stage and presenting for care in a more acute condition than before the pandemic.

Mr McHugh said: “The strain on our already overstretched health and social care system is set to grow. This is already having an impact on hospices and is expected to continue for some time.”

The Strategic Plan 2023 -2026 sets out how Kilbryde Hospice will rise to these challenges through a series of actions in support of five strategic aims: Excellent Quality of Care and Support; Skilled Workforce; Effective, Efficient and Sustainable Services; Effective Partnership Working; and Focused Community Engagement.

The actions for each strategic aim along with the strategic plan can be accessed at www.kilbrydehospice.org.uk


For further information please contact:

Gordon McHugh on 01355 202020 or gordon.mchugh@kilbrydehospice.org.uk

Please visit www.kilbrydehospice.org.uk for further information.

Read the Strategic Plan here : Kibryde Hospice strategic plan 2023 -2026

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