Relaxation Resources

We’ve crafted a variety of relaxation resources to assist you in achieving a state of calm and relaxation.

We welcome you to use the following resources, which will help to encourage your mind and body to completely relax and let go.  These tools will support you to practice relaxation at home.  To get the most out of your relaxation practice, consider the following:

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Tropical Island Guided Meditation contains music and speech guiding you to relax your body and unwind.  It can be used in the following ways:

• As regular daily practice – take 30 minutes where you can, get comfortable (lying or sitting) and follow the meditation.  This helps the body to release physical tension and even pain.  It also helps the mind to unwind and slow down, reducing anxiety.

• At bedtime (especially if you find it hard to get your mind to switch off and let you sleep) – begin the meditation and go to bed as normal. Follow the instructions, returning your attention to the voice if your mind wanders.  This will guide you into relaxation and hopefully allow you to gently drift into sleep.

"The tropical island guided meditation gets better the more you use it, I use it every afternoon for an hour to rest and relax."


"I was amazed how deeply relaxing I found it"


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Music for Relaxation contains calming background music, and can be used in the following ways:

• As gentle mood music, to help create a relaxed atmosphere in any space (except while driving!). The music helps to calm the mind and body.  There’s no need to actively listen to it – simply have it playing in the background.

• At bedtime, helping to create a relaxed environment in the bedroom. This gentle music can be enough to help a busy mind slow down towards relaxation and sleep.

• For daytime relaxation, you may like to put the music on and allow your mind and body to rest and relax for a short time.

"Lovely, so nice and relaxing, I'm enjoying using it"


"Calming, helps make me sleepy"


Join us in this audio guided meditation of a calming tour around the grounds of a beautiful stately home on an inviting, warm, sunny day.  

Relax and unwind as you imagine the sights, sounds and scents of its beautiful gardens.

Practice your relaxation here by using this guided meditation on candlelight.  Allow yourself to slow down and recharge with this guided meditation focussing on the gentle flicker of candlelight.

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